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Business Directory Listing

Your DirectBLVD business listing serves as a dynamic showcase for businesses, allowing them to share essential details such as business description, operating hours, contact information, website links, and social media profiles. Additionally, businesses can leverage this platform to share exclusive coupons, highlight upcoming events, and make impactful announcements. This directory listing is a great tool for businesses to connect with potential clients, and stand out in their industry. Elevate your business profile, maximize your outreach, and leave a lasting impression by joining our membership and taking advantage of this robust promotional platform.

Ability to Give Away Hotel Savings Cards

By joining us, you gain the unique advantage of giving out Hotel Savings Cards. These cards allow your clients to get access to deep discounts on stays at their favorite major hotel chains. This is a powerful tool to attract leads, reward clients, and motivate employees. The Hotel Savings Cards become your business’s key to creating lasting impressions and fostering meaningful connections. Stand out in the corporate landscape by presenting a reward that sets your business apart.

Ability to Give Away Restaurant Savings Cards (Gold and Platinum)

Take your business partnerships to new heights by giving away virtual Restaurant Savings Cards. Recipients can get access to special discounts at various restaurants and eateries to make their dining more budget-friendly. Offering this reward helps you stand out from the competition, and it’s also a dynamic tool to attract leads,  build rapport with customers, fostering loyalty, and making a lasting impression.

Reward Excellence and Grab leads with Complementary Vacations (Gold and Platinum Only)

Show appreciation and recognition to your hardworking employees with our unique incentive vacations. This is a great way to motivate prospects to purchase your products or services, or create a positive work culture by offering memorable getaways including destinations all over the world. Use these incentives as part of a contest or advertising campaign. The best part is, it’s all done for you! Just simply provide us with the necessary details, and our trusted provider will handle the logistics, ensuring your clients, employees, or event attendees enjoy unforgettable getaways. 

General Business Funding (Coming Soon!)

Also we have exciting news for business owners! We will be launching a funding program to support your business ventures. Join our waiting list to get notified as soon as the funding becomes available and stay ahead in the game.

This upcoming business funding program empowers business owners to strategically allocate funds for purposes such as:

Join our membership today, secure your spot on the waiting list, and be ready to elevate your business to new heights with targeted and impactful investments.

Interested in Owning Real Estate?

Transactional Funding is Available for Purchasing Rental Properties

At DirectBVLD, we understand the power of strategic real estate investments to create more cash flow. That’s why as a member, you gain access to apply for transactional funding. This includes funds for Earnest Money Deposits. Contact us ASAP before you start your property search to learn more about starting this process.

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*These are complimentary trips that are given to incentivize a customer to make a purchase, or give to an employee for recognition. These CANNOT BE SOLD OR TRANSFERED. They are only a complimentary gesture to be used as an incentive. 

**There are no refunds for the membership, because of the nature of this service.

***Recipient is responsible for hotel taxes and other resort fees; airfare is not included; Each recipient is entitled to 1 vacation per year

****Recipients of Restaurant Card must pay an activation fee of $7.95