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About Our Course

What Does the Course Teach?

This course teaches Wholesaling, which in real estate, involves a strategic and lucrative approach where an investor, known as a wholesaler, acts as an intermediary in property transactions. Instead of purchasing properties with the intent to hold or renovate, wholesalers secure contracts to buy at a lower price and then sell those contracts to buyers, typically cash investors, at a higher price.

The modules guide you through the entire process, from identifying cash buyers and sellers to mastering negotiations, paperwork, and closing deals.

When you join our affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting the course to your audience, friends or family!

Why Become An Affiliate?

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How it Works

Becoming a member of our affiliate program is simple. Sign up today by clicking the link below, grab your unique affiliate link, and start earning 15% on every successful sale.

1. Join the program – Click the button below and fill out the form. You will have access to your unique affiliate link
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BONUS: Get Paid For Bringing Us Motivated Home Seller Leads!

We Will Pay You $500 If we Close on the Property

We work with several partners who purchase properties nationwide and are looking for Property Scouts a.k.a. “Bird Dogs” to send us seller leads.

The Process is Easy And Simple

  1. IDENTIFY PROPERTIES: Identify anyone who NEEDS to sell their house for any reason. (Behind on Payments, Losing Job, Family Emergency, Illness, etc.)

  2. SUBMIT LEADS: Submit your leads through a form with both your information and the information for the lead. Seller name, phone number, address, reason for selling, etc. And we will then reach out to the seller.

  3. GET PAID: Once we close on the sale of a property, you will receive a finders fee of $500 after the sale is completed.

Criteria for Properties

  1. Must be Off-Market: The property CANNOT be listed with a Realtor. We only want properties that are not being marketed publicly.

  2. Must Fit these property types: Single Family, or Duplex. 

  3. Properties Can Be Located Anywhere in the US:

What's Included in the Program

*See FAQ below for more details


Affiliates are responsible for promoting and driving sales for the business membership. It’s important to note that affiliates cannot sell the vacation incentives separately; they are exclusively part of the membership package.

Affiliates receive a competitive 15% commission on both one-time purchases and monthly fees. Commissions are paid weekly via PayPal, providing a quick and convenient payout process. Payment periods are from Thursday to Thursday. You will receive commissions for sales from this period on Friday. For example, someone who receives payments starting from a Thursday until the following Thursday will get their commission payments on the following Friday. 

The affiliate tracking cookie has a robust duration of 90 days. This means that if a lead clicks on your affiliate link but doesn’t make an immediate purchase, you will still receive credit for the sale if it occurs within the next 90 days.

No, affiliates are strictly prohibited from promoting or selling the vacation incentives as standalone products. Their role is to focus on promoting the business directory membership, which includes these incentives as an added value.

Affiliates have access to a user-friendly dashboard where they can track their performance, monitor clicks, and view earned commissions. This real-time tracking system provides transparency and helps affiliates optimize their promotional strategies.

As DirectBLVD is aimed at US businesses and entrepreneurs, we only accept affiliates from the USA. 

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